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Jellyfish are mysterious and incredibly beautiful inhabitants of the seas and oceans of our planet. Meeting a jellyfish can mean death to the human, however, people seek to investigate them all the time and to watch their life. They represent one of the most ancient species of Earth creatures who aren’t studied up to the end yet, in particular, because of some jellyfish live at a depth up to 10 thousand meters. In some countries like Japan and China, jellyfish can be consumed, previously pickling a body of a jellyfish without its tentacles More…

Do JellyFish eat?

do jellyfish eat
do jellyfish eat

As we know, the jellyfish existed on the Earth planet before the dinosaur’s age. There are more than 200 various species of a jellyfish, occupying spaces of the World Ocean. Some of them are even to be found in fresh waters. It is known, that jellyfish inhabit all oceans, at variable temperatures and depths. They took the name from a jellylike main body. The bell-shaped body has long tentacles attached to it. Shortage of skeletal system gives them an unusual appearance. Jellyfish are carnivorous and “hungry” eaters. It is the answer to the question: do jellyfish eat? And that`s the next question: how do jellyfish eat? More…

JellyFish Life cycle

The jellyfish is one of the most recognizable sea beings. All of us know and remember a jellylike form of a bell-body and the long, fluctuating tentacles. However the jellyfish life cycle shows that this being is very difficult; actually the Jellyfish passes through two various shapes of a body which completely differ from each other. Incredibly, that the reproduction process of jellyfish both sexual and sexless at different times. One of the most tempting features of jellyfish is their reproduction process More…

Jellyfish facts

Jellyfish has no brain

Jellyfish has no brain. Although, they can receive nerve impulses from ocular and tactile organs somehow. Scientists still cannot understand…

Deadly jellyfish

There are beings among the great variety of species, who are extremely dangerous to the human. It seems surprising and improbable that the animal who isn’t possessing neither sharp canines, nor strong muscles is capable to pose threat for other living beings More…

Most Deadliest:

Jellyffish News


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